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The Greatest of Christmas Gifts

According to Matthew 2, the wisemen - whether they numbered three or not, who knows - were no doubt late in arriving at the house of the one born King of the Jews.


Note - They did not arrive at the manger scene the night the Christ child was born.  Rather, they arrived at the house where Joseph and Mary had taken up residence.  The best guess of just how late these wise men were... well, anywhere from the 41 days required for completion of the Jewish rituals / ceremonial rites on up to the time Jesus was a couple years old (based on the fact that Herod the Great had male children up to that age executed.


However, when they arrived at the house of the child King, they were bearing gifts described as gold, frankensence, and myrrh.  Although I could go into some detail about these gifts, it is obvious to me that the greatest gift they offered was themselves.  They fell before Him and worshipped.  They opened up their treasures, they opened up their hearts, and bowed before Christ, who was born King (not born to become King).  Christ was, is, and always will be King of Kings and Lord of Lords; He was already King before He came and gave wise men the greatest gift of all, Himself.


As He is the Resurrection and the Life, when wise men such as the apostle Paul fall before Him, and die to their own will... humbly laying down their will for His... making Him King, their Lord... He in turn gives back what we give unto Him.  He offers us life eternal.  Sure, we may shed this fleshly body, but we will live; for true life is found in Christ.  He IS Life!


Hebrews 9:27 says that is appointed unto man once to die, then the judgment.  If we have accepted HIS gift to us, the gift of Life, then we will appear before Christ as His temple, the dwelling place of His Spirit.  However, if anyone has not accepted the free gift of Life, when he appears before Christ, having rejected Him... having rejected Life, he will not at that time be forced to accept the gift of Life.  Rather he will be eternally separated from Life eternally as a matter of his own will and personal choice.  To be separated from Life is essentially death personified.  Yet, Scripture declares that this state of "death" is to exist in a lake of fire, created for the devil and his followers.


If you were to pass on from this life today, where would you spend eternity?


Have you accepted the free gift of Life?


John 3:16 declares that God gave His only begotten Son, that whoever should believe in Him, accepting the free gift of salvation (re: Ephesians 2:8-9), shall have eternal life, and Life eternally.


If you have not accepted the free gift of God, and at this Christmas season would like to receive the greatest gift of all time, simply say the following:  "God, I believe that Jesus Christ, Your Son, came to earth to offer Himself as a free gift, taking upon Himself the penalty for my sin.  I realize my need for you, and ask that you forgive me of my sin and be Lord of my life.  Come into my heart and life, and dwell with me by Your Spirit.  Guide and direct my path, and increase my hunger for Your Word.  I give you my life, and I thank you for eternal life in exchange."


By the way, there are no "magic words" or mystical phrases leading to salvation.  Praying, and accepting the free gift of Life (salvation), is a simple matter of calling upon the Lord.  Scripture says that whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.  It's that simple.  In faith and humility, call out to the Lord, and find the gift of life, and that more abundantly.


- Pastor Tim

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