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Even Now...

Last Thursday, a friend and I went to minister to the guys at the Teen Challenge ranch nearby.  I had been accepting questions from the guys, then I'd come back with anwers.  Sometimes we don't get done with a particular question or set of questions.  Such was the nature of our visit on Thursday, preparing to get back to the topic of "What is sin?"  and "How can sin impact me?"  was the only thing on my mind.  But, then we went into praise and worship.  It's interesting how God's voice is easier to hear when you're focused on Him in the first place.  The hard thing is getting our focus placed fully on the Lord; too many things compete for out attention.  Yet, while taking the opportunity to be still, and focus on Him, God directed my mind back to a passage we'd recently hit on during a study on divine healing, John 11 (the resurrection of Lazarus).

One of the key points in the story is the faith exhibited by Martha as she said two little words in verse 22:  "even now".  Even now, though the body stinks and we try to hide it, though the body is dead and a stone is rolled over the point of access, though it seems there is no hope... no hope for the broken relationships... with others... with God... no hope in life.  Yet, there IS hope, for with God all things are possible; and, even now, He speaks life back into the situations we left as hopeless, dead, stinking, and covered up.

Even now, I will praise Him, for nothing is impossible with Him.  He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He is the RESURRECTION and the LIFE!  You've heard it said, "It ain't over til the fat lady sings" yet I tell you "It ain't over when God's on the scene".  It ain't over and hopeless when Christ Jesus starts speaking words of life!  Put your focus on Him.  Put your confidence in Him.  Put Him in the center of things, and watch as the He restores that which the enemy has tried to destroy.

- Pastor Tim

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